Hi, my name's Chris Heath

I'm a web developer from Melbourne, Australia.


  • Australian Dota 2 League

    The Australian Dota 2 League is a premier tournament focused on bringing stability and longevity to the Australian Dota 2 scene.

    The goal was to produce a clean website with a clear action, tournament information, social media links and an intuitive and detailed registration form for teams in the tournament.

  • Serranto

    Serranto is a new face to the Australian Dota 2 esports community, aiming to bring stability and longevity into a struggling professional scene.

    The goal was to produce a professional landing page for potential sponsors to view, as well as a place to contact and highlight the current tournament.

  • Human Performance Science

    Human Performance Science is an organisation who aim to optimise the physical fitness of a workplace through a scientific approach.

    The goal was to differentiate themselves from similar businesses, by highlighting the human. HPS also aimed to clearly communicate information to potential clients, including services and insight into how they work.

  • WeGotYou

    WeGotYou is a child project of the web development agency, Geartooth.

    This was a development and testing only project, with original designs and requirement specifications completed and supplied by Geartooth.

  • Caleb Lewis Music

    Caleb Lewis is a multi-instrument, singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.

    The goal was to create a hub for people to be drawn in to listen/buy the debut album, find content and lyrics about the songs, as well as be a direct contact point.

  • Cleaning with Cause

    Cleaning with Cause was a professional cleaning service with a heart for homelessness, donating a percentage of profits to those in need.

    The goal was to create a clean and professional site, with an emphasised focus on the three core pillars.

  • Breakthrough Church

    Breakthrough Church is a church located in Bayswater with a focus on helping people, both locally and globally.

    The goal was to reduce the admin work for updating the site, as well as provide a resource portal for members and outside visitors, through messages and podcasts.

  • Remyrhe Gaming

    Remyrhe Gaming was an organisation which produced professional events and esports tournaments, focused on university students.

    The goal was to create a hub where players could easily view current tournament information and updates, as well as look for upcoming tournaments to compete in.

What I Do

I create web based solutions to business problems through efficient and effective products. My tool of choice is WordPress.

Every website should be a solution to a problem. Making sure every step of the way is done properly is key to a successful solution.

  • Servers and Hosting Icon

    Servers and Hosting

    A proper server setup is vital to a website working properly. I'll help find the hosting and set it up correctly.
  • Requirements Analysis Icon

    Requirements Analysis

    Discover the exact problems or what the business needs for a perfect solution.
  • Design Icon


    Crafting a product which reflects the business' culture whilst being pleasing to the user's eyes.
  • Development Icon


    Building a stable and efficient product which is easily configurable, updatable and built to last.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (with SCSS)
  • Javascript (ES5)
  • jQuery
  • PHP (5.6 and 7+)
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Gulp


  • React JS
  • Webpack


  • Atom
  • HyperTerm (with ohmyzsh) and MobaXTerm
  • XAMPP and WAMP
  • Vagrant (with VVV)
  • Local by Flywheel
  • Git (with GitHub Desktop and command line)
  • Affinity Designer,
    Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Affinity Photo,
    Adobe Photoshop CC

About Me

My name's Chris (M) Heath and I'm a web developer/designer from suburban Melbourne, Australia.

I've been learning HTML and CSS since I was about 14, not really knowing what I was doing but still eager to produce (what I thought were) cool websites and themes. Progressing through my university course (Bachelor of IT at Swinburne Hawthorn), I developed a deeper interest in web development and design, taking as many related electives along the way as I could.

Towards the end of university, I took a deeper interest in PHP and the WordPress eco system, using my spare time to learn what I could. After graduating in 2015, I starting building sites and creating web solutions for organisations and other web agencies.

Since November 2017, I've had the privilege of working fulltime as a web developer (sprinkled with a bit of everything, from design to IT support) at a small agency in Fitzroy called Blink Creative.

In my free time I like PC gaming, watching my favourite team or playing guitar.