Hi, my name's Chris Heath

I'm a web developer from Melbourne, Australia.


  • Caleb Lewis Music

    Caleb Lewis is a multi-instrument, singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.

    The goal was to create a hub for people to be drawn in to listen/buy the debut album, find content and lyrics about the songs, as well as be a direct contact point.

  • Cleaning with Cause

    Cleaning with Cause is a professional cleaning service with a heart for homelessness, donating a percentage of profits to those in need.

    The goal was to create a clean and professional site, with an emphasised focus on the three core pillars.

  • Breakthrough Church

    Breakthrough Church is a church located in Bayswater with a focus on helping people, both locally and globally.

    The goal was to reduce the admin work for updating the site, as well as provide a resource portal for members and outside visitors, through messages and podcasts.

  • Remyrhe Gaming

    Remyrhe Gaming was an organisation which produced professional events and esports tournaments, focused on university students.

    The goal was to create a hub where players could easily view current tournament information and updates, as well as look for upcoming tournaments to compete in.

What I Do

I create web based solutions to business problems through efficient and effective products. My tool of choice is WordPress.

Every website should be a solution to a problem. Making sure every step of the way is done properly is key to a successful solution.

  • Servers and Hosting Icon

    Servers and Hosting

    A proper server setup is vital to a website working properly. I'll help find the hosting and set it up correctly.
  • Requirements Analysis Icon

    Requirements Analysis

    Discover the exact problems or what the business needs for a perfect solution.
  • Design Icon


    Crafting a product which reflects the business' culture whilst being pleasing to the user's eyes.
  • Development Icon


    Building a stable and efficient product which is easily configurable, updatable and built to last.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress


  • SCSS
  • Grunt
  • Gulp


  • Atom
  • Cygwin (with Mintty) and MobaXTerm
  • Vagrant (with VVV and VV)
  • Git (with GitHub)
  • Affinity Designer
  • Inkscape
  • Affinity Photo

About Me

My name's Chris (M) Heath and I'm a web developer/designer from suburban Melbourne, Australia.

I'd been dabbling with HTML and CSS since I was about 14, not really knowing what I was doing but still eager to produce (what I thought were) cool websites and themes. Progressing through my university course (Bachelor of IT at Swinburne Hawthorn), I developed a deeper interest in web development and design, taking as many related electives along the way as I could.

In my free time I like PC gaming, watching my favourite team or playing guitar.